20021 BobSports.com Football Charter

Before the start of each week each owner will select ten players and three teams
An owner can change all his players and teams on a weekly basis. 
The roster is composed of:
Two quarterbacks Two running backs
Two wide receivers Two field goal kickers
Two tight ends
One Team Pass Interception
One Team Fumble Recovery
One Team Sack
Players do not have to be at their listed positions in order to score points. If your wide receiver throws a TD pass he will get credit for four points.
If your player scores on either a successful or failed two point conversion, you will get two points for the score **new
Two point conversions will be credited as follows:
QB throws to a receiver or running back for a successful 2 point conversion.
Running Back or Wide Receiver runs or catches a ball for a 2 point conversion get two points. 
Trades are unnecessary because two owners can pick the same player.
Sixty percent of the owner's fee is returned back to the league owners.
First 5 places (11 or more owners) will get money distribution.
First 4 places (10 or 9 owners)
First 3 places (8 owners or less)
Each week the owners will select their new eleven players and three team roster.
It must be sent out prior to the earliest start time of the day (usually 1:00 PM on Sunday).  
If the first weekly game is Thursday (8 or 9 PM) the owners can choose after the first game and prior to the remaining Sunday games (1 PM) for the remaining teams.
If an owner doesn't send in his picks, his team will be carried over from the previous week. 
Please do not cut the deadlines too close, contact me if you can't login to the web site.
The league ends with the last game of the regular season.
The home web site address is http://www.bobsports.com
Rushing Touchdowns   6 Points
Passing Touchdowns   4 Points
Field goals    3 Points
Two point Conversions 2 Points
Every 50 rushing yards    1 Point each
Every 50 receiving yards    1 Point each
Every 50 passing yards    1 Point each
Team Pass Interceptions   4 Points each
Team Fumble Recoveries   3 Points each
Team Sacks   3 Points each
Last Updated 11/04/2019