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Player NamePosPtsTeamHits2B3BHRRunsRBIBBKNet SbHBPInnERKWins
Allen, CodyP207Cle00000000006722923
Allen, GregOF32Cle81017628110000
Almonte, AbrahamOF113Cle4083326142046110000
Anderson, CodyP0Cle00000000000000
Armstrong, ShawnP65Cle00000000002412201
Bauer, TrevorP542Cle00000000001768219617
Brantley, MichaelOF323Cle1012019475231501020000
Breslow, CraigP85Cle00000000003520231
Bruce, JayOF496Cle141292368210157139020000
Byrd, MarlonOF0Cle00000000000000
Canzler, Russ3B0Cle00000000000000
Carlin, LukeC0Cle00000000000000
Carrasco, CarlosP630Cle00000000002007322618
Carson, MattOF0Cle00000000000000
Chamberlain, JobaP0Cle00000000000000
Chisenhall, Lonnie3B246Cle681711234532555030000
Clevinger, MikeP391Cle00000000001214213712
Colon, JoeP0Cle00000000000000
Cowgill, CollinOF0Cle00000000000000
Crisp, CocoOF0Cle00000000000000
Crockett, KyleP3Cle00000000001220
Cunningham, AaronOF0Cle00000000000000
Diaz, JuanSS0Cle00000000000000
Diaz, Yandy3B116Cle4181025132135210000
Dickerson, ChrisOF0Cle00000000000000
Encarnacion, Edwin1B587Cle1432013896107104133250000
Everett, AdamSS0Cle00000000000000
Garner, PerciP0Cle00000000000000
Giambi, Jason1B0Cle00000000000000
Gomes, YanC246Cle791501443563199080000
Gonzalez, ErikSS61Cle286041811337-100000
Goody, NickP161Cle00000000005417721
Gorzelanny, TomP0Cle00000000000000
Guyer, BrandonOF118Cle3971223201543280000
Head, JeradOF0Cle00000000000000
Jackson, AustinOF255Cle89193746353364210000
Kipnis, Jason2B234Cle782501243352871420000
Kluber, CoreyP681Cle00000000002035126518
Lee, Chen-ChangP0Cle00000000000000
Lindor, FranciscoSS622Cle17844433998960931240000
Logan, BooneP60Cle00000000002111281
Manship, JeffP0Cle00000000000000
Martinez, JoeP0Cle00000000000000
McAllister, ZachP180Cle00000000006218662
Mejia, FranciscoC4Cle20001113000000
Merritt, RyanP61Cle000000000020472
Miller, AndrewP214Cle00000000006210954
Moore, AdamC0Cle00000000000000
Morgan, NyjerOF0Cle00000000000000
Morimando, ShawnP0Cle00000000000000
Murata, ToruP0Cle00000000000000
Naquin, TylerOF12Cle82004129-100000
Olson, TylerP64Cle0000000000200181
Otero, DanP165Cle00000000006019383
Perez, RafaelP0Cle00000000000000
Perez, RobertoC139Cle45120822382671-100000
Plutko, AdamP0Cle00000000000000
Price, BryanP0Cle00000000000000
Ramirez, Jose3B661Cle186566291078352691230000
Robertson, DanOF60Cle184119773-100000
Salazar, DannyP306Cle0000000000103491455
Santana, Carlos1B556Cle1483732390798894460000
Santos, OmirC0Cle00000000000000
Seddon, ChrisP0Cle00000000000000
Sellers, JustinSS0Cle00000000000000
Shaw, BryanP218Cle00000000007630734
Shoppach, KellyC0Cle00000000000000
Smith, JoeP166Cle00000000005420713
Soto, GiovanniP0Cle00000000000000
Tomlin, JoshP379Cle00000000001417810910
Uribe, Juan3B0Cle00000000000000
Urshela, Giovanny3B87Cle357011415822000000
Wheeler, DanP0Cle00000000000000
Zimmer, BradleyOF207Cle721528413926991740000